Board Members

We’re led by a Board of Directors of Teamsters who devote countless hours to the welfare of the Credit Union. Some of their duties include long-range planning, policy review, budget decisions, and consideration of new programs, rates, and facilities. Board members are dedicated to protecting the best interests of the Credit Union and their fellow Teamster members.

We have seven devoted individuals serving on our Board of Directors:

  • Steven J. South – Chairman
  • Thomas G. Mari – Vice-Chair
  • Joan Corey
  • Richard Laughton
  • George Belanger
  • Anthony Lepore
  • Michael Clark

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee monitors the Credit Union’s operations and procedures in an oversight capacity on behalf of the members. Committee members are responsible for initiating an annual audit of the Credit Union records, conducting member account verifications, and providing an ongoing review of all Credit Union disbursements. All of this is done to ensure the soundness of the Credit Union and members’ deposits.

Our current Supervisory Committee volunteers include:

  • Michael P. O’Brien – Chairman
  • Andrew Walsh
  • Joseph Conti
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